Saturday, May 4, 2013

Episode 12 – MDT 2012: Sysprep and Capture

In episode #12, I begin by creating a reference computer. You can do this either by manually installing Windows 7 and the needed applications, drivers and software updates on the reference system, then capturing the reference computer with MDT 2012.

Now you are ready to capture an image of your reference computer. To do this, you are going to use the Sysprep and Capture task sequence template, a new type of task sequence template included in MDT 2010 and still continue to be in MDT 2012. This task sequence does not install Windows on a computer. Instead, it syspreps an existing Windows installation on a computer, reboots the computer into Windows PE, captures a *.wim image file of the installation and uploads the captured image to a network share you specify.

Finally, got the time to create a video with sysprep and capture and keep the customize settings as is. check out Episode 39 & 40.

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